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Gemstone Bracelet

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Handmade spiritual jewelry

You will feel great if your 7 chakras work optimally and harmoniously. This bracelet will help you with that.

Wearing this bracelet provides you confidence and serenity. You will feel that the jewelry on your hand protects you from negative effects.

This bracelet will help you in your spiritual journey. It also helps to get to know yourself and through it you will get closer to your own thoughts.

Our bracelet contains 7 unique gemstones and 15 lava stones, which strengthen each other to create a perfect harmony.

Weight: 17gr

Size: 18 cm, adjustable fits for all wrists.

Beneficial effects with which the 7 chakra bracelets will help you:

Root Chakra - Red Agate

Agate lends confidence and harmony to its wearer. It has a beneficial effect in dissolving negative emotions and protects our inner being. It stimulates the energy of our genitals, breathes life into us. Wearing it makes it easier to feel trust in others, makes it easier to give birth.

Sacred Chakra - Sunstone

Sunstone is a gem of happiness and meaningful life. According to tradition, it brings good luck to its wearer. It accelerates our body’s ability to heal, supplies the body with energy and harmony.

Navel Chakra - Tiger Eye

The tiger eye develops our airways and lungs, so it can help heal in colds, coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. It warms the body and helps us to cure colds sooner. It relieves the mental limitations associated with clairvoyance and therefore improves vision.

Heart Chakra - Jade Stone

It has an outstanding effect on the human kidney. It also has a detoxifying effect, stimulates the active function of the adrenal glands, regenerates the cells and accelerates the healing of wounds. It provides protection for the wearer against hostile intentions and thoughts. It attracts luck, a symbol of purity and serenity.

Throat Chakra - Blue Agate

When intestinal problems occur, it can be a very good complementary therapy, it improves digestion and helps the intestinal flora to function optimally again. It has a positive effect on the immune system, making it even more resistant to hordes of infections. In pregnancy, it improves the feeling of nausea and also helps the baby grow.

Forehead Chakra - Lapis Lazuli

Lazuli is very effective against hair loss and for general hair problems. It is also useful for sore throats or in case of frequent colds. It can lower high blood pressure and relieve headaches.

Crown Chakra - Amethyst

Its calming effect helps you in your most tense moments. You can be sure that if you wear the bracelet, the beneficial properties of amethyst will affect you as well. Your migraine headache will relieve and relieve the stress within you.

Important: The physical and mental effects of minerals are determined by the literature based on thousands of years of experience, which forms the basis of our product descriptions. Wearing minerals may be part of certain complementary alternative therapies, but they are not a substitute for traditional medicine treatments or medication. If you suffer from any disease, consult a doctor and do not rely solely on alternative therapies. All of our product descriptions are based on the following book: The Crystal Bible by the acclaimed writer, Judy Hall.


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