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Kabbalah Bracelet

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Protective Paracord bracelet with a Heart. The gold-coloured charm on the bracelet is made of metal. The heart is a symbol of love and romance but it can also represent unity, sensuality, sensitivity and femininity. The heart is the most important symbol of relationships. Give this bracelet as a gift to someone you have a special relationship with, or wear it yourself and let it remind you of your loved ones. Interpersonal relationships are the key to our happiness, and the warm and affectionate relationships are the most important ones. Do everything you can to protect and strengthen these relationships—one way of doing that is wearing the heart symbol on your wrist.

Red is the colour of the root chakra, which connects you with the earth and the physical world, and its life task is associated with ancestors and family. If you wear the red bracelet, you will never lose sight of the key values this world has given us. It is important that you should do something for your health, your family and children every day. If you wear the colour of the root chakra on your left wrist every day, it will help you focus on what is really important.

Wear the red string on your wrist and block negative energies.

The material is waterproof and highly durable, it will last for years. The size is adjustable, so it is ideal for any wrist size. The width of the bracelet is 1mm.

Stars also love to wear these kabballah bracelets



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